Grantees of the GHCF 2019 Grant Award Program Our 2019 Grantees have received their award checks.


Advisory Board members of the Golden Heart Community Foundation hand-delivered grant award checks to the recipients of our 2019 grant program.

Love INC

Mission: Love In the Name of Christ (INC) is here to support individuals and families seeking assistance in their time of need. Love INC partners with local churches and other community organizations to provide support and guidance.

Grant Project: Loving Families

Jason Kempthorne (R) and Cynthia Klepaski (L).

Jason Kempthorne (R) of Love INC accepts a grant award from GHCF Advisory Board member Cynthia Klepaski (L).

Literacy Council of Alaska

Mission: To change lives through literacy for people of all ages in Fairbanks and the Interior.

Grant Project: Adult Literacy in the Interior

Mike Kolasa (L) and Paula Earp (R)

Executive Director Mike Kolasa (L) accepts a grant award from GHCF Advisory Board member Paula Earp (R).

Fairbanks Community Food Bank

Mission: The Fairbanks Community Food Bank makes a difference in the lives of neighbors by sharing resources.

Grant Project: H.E.L.P for Medically-Referred Patients

Cynthia Klepaski (L) and Samantha Castle Kirstein (R)

Samantha Castle Kirstein (R) and Cynthia Klepaski (L).

Samantha Castle Kirstein (R), Community Development Director, accepts a grant award from GHCF Advisory Board member Cynthia Klepaski (L).

The Folk School

Mission: The Folk School Fairbanks offers year-round classes and programs for all ages in traditional crafts, woodworking, outdoor skills, and hands-on arts and sciences.

Grant Project: Printmaking Studio at The Folk School

Sara Tabbert (L), Gail Gardner (center), and Michael Whalen (R)

Sara Tabbert (L) and Michael Whalen (R) accept a grant award from GHCF Advisory Board member Gail Gardner (center).

Fairbanks Arts Association

Mission: Promoting excellence in contemporary and traditional arts in Alaska’s Interior.

Grant Project: 2019-2020 Fairbanks Arts & Cultural Education (FACE) School Performances

Jess Pena (L) and Kate Lamal (R)

Executive Director Jess Pena (L) accepts a grant award from GHCF board member Kate Lamal (R).

Downtown Association of Fairbanks

Mission: To encourage and foster economic growth that will result in a downtown that is a vital, energetic and an attractive center of the community.

Grant Project: Sustaining a Cost-Effective Community Response to Chronically Inebriated People

David van den Berg (L) and Ronnie Rosenberg (R)

Executive Director David van den Berg (L) accepts a grant award from GHCF board member Ronnie Rosenberg (R).

Fairbanks Children’s Museum

Mission: To inspire and connect families through discovery and the power of play.

Grant Project: Sensory Room and Sensory Exhibit Updates

Meredith Maple (L), Cynthia Klepaski (center), and Jessica Farr (R)

Meredith Maple (L), Executive Director, and Jessica Farr (R), Education & Outreach Director, with GHCF Board Member Cynthia Klepaski (center).

Breast Cancer Detection Center of Alaska

Mission: To increase awareness of the survivability of breast cancer and the benefits of early detection by delivering screening services and educational programs throughout the state of Alaska.

Grant Project: Mammography Assistance Program

Odette Butler (L) and Cynthia Klepaski (R)

Executive Director Odette Butler (L) accepts a grant award from GHCF Board Member Cynthia Klepaski (R).

Alaska Songbird Institute

Mission: To conserve Alaska’s boreal birds through ecological education & research.

Grant Project: Birds Across Boundaries: Sharing local science through digital storytelling

Sally Kieper (L) and Tricia Blake (R)

Executive Director Tricia Blake (R) accepts a grant award from GHCF Program Manager Sally Kieper (L).