In Honor of Contributions

An “in Honor of” contribution provides an opportunity to honor friends, relatives, and community members who are valued and make a difference in a variety of ways. Your gift in their name will help support the work of local nonprofits that help build a better future for the Interior. Your contribution will continue to make a difference long into the future.

In Honor of (to date since 2013)

  • Al and Carol Brice
  • Mike Cook
  • Edward M. (Ted) Cox
  • Shirley Dementieff
  • Celeste Earley
  • Bernard Gatewood
  • Cynthia Klepaski
  • Aaron Kusano
  • Jo Kuchle
  • Kate and Tom Lamal
  • Stephen and Shannon McPhetres
  • Margaret Rich
  • Mariko Sarafin
  • Lynda Sather

In Honor of listed by year of donation:

2023 In Honor of Gifts:

  • Jo Kuhle by Jeff and Sue Cook
  • Kate and Tom Lamal by Sen. Click and Darlene Bishop

2022 In Honor of Gifts:

  • Celeste Earley, Bernard Gatewood and Aaron Kusano by Nina Kemppel
  • Mike Cook and Margaret Rich by Jeff Cook
  • Cynthia Klepaski, by Paula Earp and Matt Irinaga
  • Margaret Rich, by Paula Earp and Matt Irinaga
  • Mariko Sarafin by Margaret and Leland Rich

2020 In Honor of Gifts:

  • Jo Kuchle, by Margaret Custer

2019 In Honor of Gifts:

  • Jo Kuchle, by Cynthia Klepaski

2018 In Honor of Gifts:

  • Al and Carol Brice, by Rebecca Brice Henderson

2017 In Honor of Gifts:

  • Edward M. (Ted) Cox, by Anonymous

2015 In Honor of Gifts:

  • Shirley Dementieff, by Jennifer Jolis
  • Stephen and Shannon McPhetres, by Megan and Andrea Bean

2013 In Honor of Gifts:

  • Lynda Sather, by Alyeska Pipeline Service Company

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