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Alaska Community Foundation
ECS Computer Systems (In-Kind)
Feniks & Company
Konica Minolta /Jonal Machos (In-Kind)
Mammoth Marketing (In-Kind)
Rasmuson Foundation
Bell, Bert and Becky
Cerny, Tim and Barb
Cook, Mike and Sharon
Gainey, Susan
Halmstad, Gary
Hanson, Nancy
Hargesheimer, John
Klepaski, Cynthia
Lanford, Steve and Jane
Martin, Deverick
Milam, Karen and Michael
Morgan, Sydney – in Memory of Zach Warwick
Rich, Margaret and Leland
Romberg, Carole
Rosenberg, Ronnie
Roth, Martha
Schikora, Rick
Troyer, Eric and Corrine Leistikow
Legacy Group
Legacy members have notified GHCF they have included GHCF in their estate planning, and gave permission to print their names.

Legacy Society of Alaska Members of the Golden Heart Community Foundation