The Golden Heart Community Foundation Donors are the people whose vision of what the Golden Heart Community Foundation, an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation, could be.


Photo Credit: Mariko Sarafin

Photo Credit: Mariko Sarafin

Donors of Prior Years

2020 Donors

  • Bell, Bert* and Becky
  • Bettisworth, C.B. * and Karen Perdue
  • Cook & Haugeberg LLC
  • Dowdy, Asa
  • Gainey, Susan (L)
  • Guinn, Howard
  • Halmstad, Gary
  • Jones, Tim* and Theresa
  • Kuchle, Jo*
  • Kusano MD, Aaron S.
  • Lamal, Kate* and Tom
  • Lanford, Steve and Jane
  • Miller, Laverna
  • Morgan, Yuri and Sydney
  • Orbeck, John & Arlene
  • Philleo, Barbara
  • Randolph, Jack and Suzanne
  • Rich, Margaret*
  • Romberg, Carole
  • Troyer, Eric & Corrine Liestikov
  • Wolf, Diana
  • Wolfe, Ruth Ann


(*) GHCF Advisory Board

(**) GHCF Program Manager

(L) Legacy Group

(P) Past GHCF Advisor



Legacy members have notified GHCF they have included GHCF in their estate planning, and gave permission to print their names.

Legacy Society of Alaska Members of the Golden Heart Community Foundation