Golden Heart Donors

The Golden Heart Community Foundation Donors are the people whose vision of what the Golden Heart Community Foundation, an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation, could be.

Photo Credit: Mariko Sarafin

Photo Credit: Mariko Sarafin


Donors of Prior Years

2019 Donors

  • Andrews, Mark and Cheryl Keppers
  • Anonymous via Pick.Click.Give.
  • Anonymous via United Way
  • Atchison, Shayne and Anna*
  • Behr, Milt and Lisa
  • Beistline, Bill and Marcie
  • Bell, Bert* and Becky
  • Bettisworth, C.B.* and Karen Perdue
  • Biberman, Ann and Terry Duszynski
  • Doyon Utilities, LLC
  • Earp, Paula Earp** and Matt Irinaga
  • ECS, Inc. (In-kind)
  • Fairbanks Curling Lions
  • Fairbanks Rotary Club
  • Gainey, Susan (L)
  • Gardner, Gail*
  • Harter, Wendy*
  • Inouye, Ron*
  • Interior Graphics and Printing
  • Kaplan, Diane
  • Karns, Kent and Julie Hnilieka
  • Klepaski, Cynthia*
  • Konica Minolta (In-kind)
  • Kuchle, Jo* and Gene Therriault
  • Lamal, Tom and Kate*
  • Lanford, Jane and Steve
  • Leistikow, Corrine and Eric Troyer
  • Machos, Jonal* and Emily (In-kind)
  • Martin, Deverick
  • Milam, Karen and Mike
  • Milne, Clark and Karen
  • Morgan, Sydney and Yuri
  • Nordale, Meg and Bob Schruf
  • Pinney, Pete*
  • Rasmuson match challenge
  • Rich, Margaret and Leland* (L)
  • Rivera, Shawn
  • Romberg, Carole
  • Rosenberg, Ronnie*
  • Royston, Sue
  • Schikora, Rick and Cheryl IMO Fred and MaryAnn Schikora
  • Scouten, William and Rosa
  • Signor, Susan
  • Simon, Geri and Keel
  • Tate, Phyllis
  • Turtle Club
  • Turtles, Inc.
  • Usibelli Foundation
  • Vanairsdale, Tracy
  • Wien, Richard and Sally


(*) GHCF Advisory Board

(**) GHCF Program Manager

(L) Legacy Group

(P) Past GHCF Advisor