GHCF Responds to Wildfires

Fairbanks, Alaska – June 30, 2015 – Over 1 million acres of Alaska is burning, displacing Alaskans from their homes, displacing their pets, causing millions in property loss and producing smoky skies.

The Golden Heart Community Foundation (GHCF) was founded to address community needs, whether independently or by working through existing agencies or non-governmental organizations. GHCF can respond quickly where possible, to emergencies that occur in our community.

The wildfires of June 2015, present the type of urgent need that GHCF hopes to address with funds provided from the earnings of our endowment fund, as funded by our generous donors. The GHCF Advisory Board met on June 23 and determined the fire situation needed to be addressed.

Fortunately there are two organizations directly serving fire victims: the American Red Cross and Tanana Chiefs Conference. The Advisory Board made expedited grants of $500 to each of these organizations and encourages all in our community to support these two organizations as the wildfires continue.

Jo Kuchle