In Memory of Contributions

A Memorial Contribution provides an opportunity to honor the memory of a family, friend, or another special individual with a monetary gift in their name. Each gift serves as a lasting tribute to the person since the fund will exist in perpetuity.

In Memory of (to date since 2013): Name (DOD)

  • Jane H. Behlke (2013)
  • Milt Behr (2020)
  • Bob Bettisworth (2015)
  • Sam Richard Brice (2017)
  • Robert G. Boko (2005)
  • Magdalene Cassady (2018)
  • Paul Costello (2016)
  • Edward M. (Ted) Cox (2016)
  • Mark Eliason (2013)
  • Rex Gavin (2022)
  • Orval Holmes (2016)
  • Patricia Sheppard Johnson (2022)
  • Eleanor Karns (2023)
  • Richard B. Kuchle, Sr. (2022)
  • Judy Martin (2022)
  • Gary Nance (2022)
  • Pat Pletnikoff (2021)
  • Matthew Anthony Roth (2013)
  • Fred (1997) & Mary Ann Schikora (1990)
  • Jeannette Therriault
  • Michael D. Thurman (2017)
  • Zach Warwick (2006)
  • Michael Wien (2017)

Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day, unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed, very dear.

Donations in their memory to GHCF will be a meaningful legacy.

Gifts listed by year of donation:

2023 Memorial Gifts:

  • Eleanor Karns by R. Kent Karns and Julie Hnilicka

2022 Memorial Gifts:

  • Rex Gavin by Rebecca and Jeff Xavier
  • Patricia Sheppard Johnson by Daniel and Janet Johnson
  • Richard B. Kuchle, Sr., by Cynthia Klepaski
  • Judy Martin by Deverick Martin
  • Judy Martin, by Margaret and Leland Rich
  • Gary Nance by Larry and Michelle Kraus
  • Pat Pletnikoff, by Jeremy and Jasmine Pletnikoff
  • Jeannette Therriault by Bonne’ Woldstad

2021 Memorial Gifts:

  • Zach Warwick, by Sydney Morgan

2020 Memorial Gifts:

  • Milt Behr, by Cook & Haugeberg LLC
  • Milt Behr, by Asa Dowdy
  • Milt Behr, by Howard Guinn
  • Milt Behr, by Jo Kuchle
  • Milt Behr, by Kate and Tom Lamal
  • Milt Behr, by Laverna Miller
  • Milt Behr, by John & Arlene Orbeck
  • Milt Behr, by Barbara Philleo
  • Milt Behr, by Margaret Rich
  • Milt Behr, by Ruth Ann Wolfe
  • Zach Warwick, by Sydney & Yuri Morgan

2019 Memorial Gifts:

  • Zach Warwick, by Sydney Morgan
  • Zach Warwick, by Rory and Masie Morgan

2018 Memorial Gifts:

  • Magdalene Cassady, by June Champlin
  • Fred & Mary Ann Schikora, by Rick and Cheryl Schikora

2017 Memorial Gifts:

  • Edward M. (Ted) Cox, by Mike and Judy Kelliher
  • Michael Thurman, by Anonymous
  • Edward M. (Ted) Cox, by Jo Kuchle and Gene Therriault
  • Paul Costello, by Patricia Costello
  • Sam Richard Brice, by Rebecca Brice Henderson
  • Michael Wien, by Margaret and Leland Rich
  • Orval Holmes, by Laurel Holmes and Family

2016 Memorial Gifts:

  • Edward M. (Ted) Cox, by Mariko Sarafin
  • Edward M. (Ted) Cox, by Margaret and Leland Rich
  • Orval Holmes, by Margaret and Leland Rich

2015 Memorial Gifts:

  • Bob Bettisworth, by Julie Scott
  • Bob Bettisworth, by Arlayne Knox
  • Bob Bettisworth, by Barbara Engebretson
  • Bob Bettisworth, by Jo Kuchle
  • Bob Bettisworth, by Margaret and Leland Rich

2014 Memorial Gifts:

  • Bob Boko, by Sharon Boko

2013 Memorial Gifts:

  • Matthew Anthony Roth, by Ben and Karma Roth
  • Matthew Anthony Roth, by Anonymous
  • Fred and Mary Ann Schikora, by Rick and Cheryl Schikora
  • Mark Eliason, by Pete Pinney
  • Jane H. Behlke, by Jeff and Sue Cook

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