Golden Heart Donors

The Golden Heart Community Foundation Donors are the people whose vision of what the Golden Heart Community Foundation, an Affiliate of The Alaska Community Foundation, could be.

Photo Credit: Mariko Sarafin

Photo Credit: Mariko Sarafin


2013 – 2016 Donors

2017 Donors

  • Anonymous
  • Bell, Bert and Becky
  • Brader, Jim
  • ECS Computer Systems (In-kind)
  • Earp, Paula**
  • Gainey, Susan
  • Holmes, Laurel IMO Orval Holmes
  • Inouye, Ron*
  • In Memory of Ted Cox
  • In Memory of Michael D. Thurman
  • In Memory of Michael Wien
  • Jolis, Jennifer and Daniel Gibson
  • Kinross Fort Knox
  • Klepaski, Cynthia*
  • Konica Minolta (In-kind)
  • Landford, Steve and Jane
  • Liestikow, Eric Troyer and Corrine
  • Machos, Jonal* and Emily (in-kind)
  • Pinney, Pete*
  • Simon, Geri* and Keel
  • Sumitomo Metal Mine Pogo
  • Rich, Leland and Margaret* (L)
  • Rosenberg, Ronnie*
  • Schikora, Rick & Cheryl IMO Fred & Mary Ann Schikora
  • Therriault, Gene and Jo Kuchle*
  • Usibelli Coal Mine


(*) GHCF Advisory Board

(**) ACF Program Manager in Fairbanks for GHCF

(L) Legacy Group

(P) Past GHCF Advisor